If you’re not launching too soon you’re launching too late – Derek Sivers

I’m not ready to start this blog. It’s not the “ohmygoshI’msobusyI’llstartwhenIgetaroundtoit” kind of not ready, more like the “I have a lot of projects going and I shouldn’t start another until I can dedicate more time to it” not ready. I’m currently launching a web site at the Day Job, building a boat in my garage, learning French, and raising 3 kids with my Dreamgirl. There are also various and sundry little things going on, but those three are the biggies. I made the conscious decision to postpone this blog till the boat was launched until I stumbled onto two things that changed my mind:

Thing 1. Derek Sivers talked about Version 0.1 (scroll to section 6 for the video).
I’ve never seen a clearer indication that you can’t wait until you are “ready”.
*In the video he attributes the quote to Reid Hoffman, but Hoffman actually said the second quote. All indications are that the first quote is from Derek himself. If anyone can document that this is inaccurate I will learn how to edit a post in order to fix the attribution; I promise.

Thing 2. Ev Bogue wrote The 15 Minute Blog Post.
The last sentence “Everyone has 15 minutes.”  is empowering and simultaneously demanding. He’s right, everyone does have 15 minutes. If you want to start writing there is no excuse to wait.

So, without further ado, here’s a teeny-tiny post to officially get me on the board.


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