I Made It

Gwen Bell wrote a letter recently where she posed the question: “How will you know when you’ve made it?”
I got to thinking about that: “What do I lack that, once achieved or acquired, will indicate I’ve made it?

When I looked at it like that I realized I’ve already made it. I’ve read a lot of that sentiment in yoga related writing but it never really spoke to me; it seemed more platitude than practical.

Something in Gwen’s piece resonated differently with me:

  • I want secure employment and there are lots of jobs in Healthcare IT. Will a course of study in the field indicate I’ve made it?
  • I’ve learned things before. Will a job in a growing field indicate I’ve made it? I have a job now.
  • In pursuing the fleeting notion of security I try to position myself for a job I do not have and may not even like. In so doing I sow dissatisfaction with the job I have, like, and excel at.

I’ve made it, and that begs another question …

What do you do when you’ve made it?