2012 Eccentric Goals

There will be no recap of my progress towards 2011 goals, I just can’t do it.
It’s not that I won’t do it, I literally can’t do it.

A year ago I experimented with several different apps and programs for recording goals and to-do lists. This spring I had some virus issues and migrated to a new PC. Somewhere in all of the changes I lost all of my 2011 goals. I have files on my goals going back to 2006, and maybe some paper records from before that, but 2011 is conspicuous in it’s absence.

I wash my hands of what I was supposed to do, here’s what I actually did…

  • Traveled to Canada for my first trip outside of the US since I performed in Europe in 1992. I got to watch my daughter dance with the Windsor Symphony. It was awesome.
  • Traveled to Mexico with Jeanne for our first kid free trip in 8 years. Big first step in our long-term travel ambitions.
  • Heard Derek Sivers’  youtube video “Hell yeah, or no“. This has totally changed my thinking on priorities and allowed me to remove a lot of unproductive drag from my life.
  • Started reading blogs for the first time (I know, crazy, right?) and discovered minimalism. I’m not a minimalist, but the philosophy has let me get rid of a lot more of the unproductive drag referenced above.
  • Implemented the Kinect hack on a friend’s Mac and started to think seriously about picking up some consulting gigs.
  • Exercised enough to maintain fitness but not enough to injure myself. This is actually a huge accomplishment for me. I always push too hard, gut it out, and break down. The only concrete goal I remember for 2011 was to heal. I wanted to finish recovering from a bad ankle injury in February 2010 and not injure anything else. 100% success!
  • Made significant progress learning French. I was able to hold coherent conversations with native speakers in the few opportunities I had and my reading skills are much better.

Lots of other things happened, but I’m so pumped about my plans for the upcoming year I’m ready to move on.

I’ve cleared enough space in my life recently that my mind is running wild with possibilities. The toughest part of setting goals for 2012 has been deciding which one’s I’m ready to commit to, which are just passing fancies, and which I need to place on my “perhaps” list for some unspecified date in the future.

Without further ado, here are my eccentric goals for 2012:

1. Complete and launch the wooden rowboat I am building in my garage.
2. Post to cultivatingeccentricity every two weeks, minimum.
3. Reduce my waist size from 34″ to 31″. I’ll grant you that this is not an eccentric goal, but my means to achieving it will be. More on that later.
4. Monetize at least one of my ideas and make a minimum of $500 of income on the side.
5. Go on at least 4 Adventures. I have one family adventure planned and another in mind. I’ve also made some scheduling progress on an individual pursuit. I’ve never set a goal like this before so I’m pretty pumped.

These 5 represent my crazyawesomehellyeah projects. If I accomplish these I’ll have an awesome year and be a little more eccentric than I am now.

What are you planning? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy New Year!


3 Comments on “2012 Eccentric Goals”

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  3. […] I owe these two a debt of gratitude. I’ve been gradually opting out of consumer culture for almost twenty years. What The Minimalists opened up for me was the possibility of cutting loose the accretions of a lifetime of acquisition. I had slowed substantially the addition of new stuff into my life, but I’d never focused on reducing what I already had. The result was a little more drag on my existence with each passing year. Joshua and Ryan’s essays on minimalism have been an inspiration to me for the last year. I’ve used the content from their blog to create space in my life; space for things that matter to me. I’m using that space for my crazyAwesomeHellYeah projects. […]

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