Adventure #1 Recap

Let’s hear it for the Rainbow Tour, it’s been an incredible success.
-Tim Rice, Evita

So, I’m back from my minimalish travel adventure. If you didn’t read the original post, I took my family to Disney World for 9 days taking only the items that fit in a small backpack.
The night before our departure I looked at a final weather report and traded my 2nd pair of pants for a pair of shorts. Other than that my packing matched the pics from the earlier post.

My biggest surprise was that I was still over-packed. Once you decide to wash and re-wear during a trip your clothing needs drop almost to zero.

Items that turned out to be completely extra: two t-shirts, three pairs of socks, one baseball cap and a pair of underwear. If it hadn’t been so cold in Cincinnati I could have skipped the jeans as well.

What I didn’t know at the time of my last post was how little the rest of the family was bringing. All in all, we had 5 people packed in 4 carry on bags (princess and pirate costumes included). In addition, we took one carry-on full of breakfasts for the trip (you don’t want to buy five $7 muffins and $6 drinks for 9 straight days) and one bag of stuff to entertain the kids through airports, flights, etc.

After we cleared security in Orlando we had some time to kill before our return flight. I looked around at my family. The 2 year old was sleeping in our stroller, 6 & 8 year olds sprawled on the concourse floor reading, and Jeanne knitting. I was struck by how smooth it all was. The kids have done the security drill enough times that it’s no big deal (2 year old is a wild card there, but still…). In another year the big kids will have less struggle handling their own bags and the two year old won’t need to be carried as much to keep up. Where couldn’t we go?

I’ve dreamed of taking the whole family to Europe for a long time, but over the years I’ve had 3 concerns about taking such a trip.

  • First, what will customs/border security be like? I remember West German security tearing apart toys in a search in the 80s and I hadn’t crossed a border since September 11th. What should we expect? (Got this answered traveling to Mexico, summer 2011)
  • Second, you have to pack light. There was a time when we packed so heavily that we couldn’t have gotten our bags where they needed to be without curbside check-in at the airport. That doesn’t really lend itself to moving around unfamiliar destinations with a language barrier thrown in for fun.
  • Third, the security line is a place of very little power for travelers; you really want some solid expectations about how your kids will behave. If one of them wanders off into a secure area would you be able to retrieve them without shutting the airport down? Would that get you detained? Arrested?

I have my questions answered. We’re ready.

Oh, and one thing we didn’t over-pack?

The flight home was a little bit of a gamble.


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