34 to 31

34 to 31 is my plan to lose 3″ off my waistline in 2012.
As you may have guessed I currently measure 34″.

I hate shopping for pants, but when 34 to 31 succeeds I’ll have to.

I don’t really care about my waist size (34″ works fine for me). Plus, like I said, I hate the shopping.
You’d think I could leave well enough alone.

I do care about running though, and hiking, and yoga, and all sorts of other things. I don’t have the mental stamina to track all these separately as goals. Besides, individual plans would drive me crazy with scheduling and I’d feel guilty if I didn’t get to them all each week.

Faced with this dilemma I thought about the results. If I could find a common thread in the effects could I focus on and track the effect rather than the activities? I know that’s backwards from the goal setting literature but it seemed to be a fit for this scenario. (Do you think it will work?).

I spent a lot of time trying to find a through-line: Strength training would make my weight go up, eating more vegetables would tend to make it go down. Running would make my muscles stiff and tight, yoga would make them flexible.

Eventually I realized that each of them would trend me towards a smaller waist. When I figured that out I arrived at 34 to 31.

On the way to 31 I may make some of the following lifestyle changes:

PR a 10K
Run another 1/2 Marathon
Do 30 consecutive days of yoga
Do 100 pushups
Ditch soda
Go to sleep earlier
Eat more vegetables
Start swimming again
Start cycling to work again
Stop with the cookies

Or I may not.

I may make other changes instead. I hope the framework of the waist size goal will drive what kinds of habits I start while leaving me flexibility and spontaneity when deciding specific projects to begin.
When I execute on these ideas my waist size will drop.

Then I’ll have to buy new pants.



One Comment on “34 to 31”

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