March Goal Review

I’m feeling non-committal about the monthly goal update. For anyone familiar with the goals a recap has to be desperately boring. On the other hand, anyone not familiar is going to wonder what the heck I’m talking about if I don’t include any background.

Perhaps later in the year I’ll come up with a middle ground. In the mean-time these posts are my accountability check and I’m not going to stop.

Without further ado, the March Goal Review:

1. Build the Boat – Launch the 17′ Herreshoff Rowboat.

Man! When I get 4 solid weekends of work in a month I am going to make huge progress on this boat.

Once again I only got two weekends to work. I was able to hang one plank. I’m working 2 or 3 times faster, and more accurately than in the past. As I improve my skills old flaws jump out at me with greater clarity. I guess higher standards are the downside to improvement.

One problem that cropped up is the discovery that I don’t have enough material. I thought I might have enough to finish, but the last plank I cut made it clear that I will run short.

The closest marine grade plywood is a 4-5 hour drive from here. I won’t be able to make the trip until at least the third week of March, so I’m going to have a significant lull in my construction progress. In addition, I will have to use one of my work days to make the drive. So much for productivity. 😦

Because of the length of the drive I’m considering purchasing the plywood for my next boat at the same time. 4 more sheets? Ouch, pricy!

Nevertheless, it’s really starting to look like a boat.

I’m so freakin’ excited!

2. Post to – Use the blog to clarify ideas and direction.

I’m journaling and writing more in 2012 than ever before. I’m overrun by ideas and that’s a lot of fun.

I’m getting much more clear on how I can help people. That improved focus makes the work much simpler and really adds energy to my life. I keep waking up in the middle of the night ready to work on business ideas or work on the boat. That’s fun!

3. 34 to 31 – Change how I eat and how I exercise to drop 3″ off my waist.

I moved down a notch on my belt!

I’m still having smoothies for breakfast every day and (inconsistently) working on the Angry Birds Workout.

The workout includes 4 exercises:

  1. Body weight squats – I’m able to do my 100 squats without days of soreness, but I still think I have room to progress before moving up a level.
  2. Pull-ups – I decided to do as many pull-ups as I can each time I put the dog out. I’ve done as many as four five, though three is more typical. One thing is certain…the dog wants out waaaay too often.
  3. Push-ups – I’m doing so much upper body work with the pull-ups that I’m not improving my pushups at all.
  4. Planks – Do you know how hard it is to hold a plank while a 2 year old climbs on you? This one’s not pretty.

While that’s mostly good news, I haven’t really established this as a habit yet. Maybe February  March will bring consistency.

Did I mention I moved down a notch on my belt?

4. Monetize a side business – Make $500 on a side business.

I’m working on logistics/business planning for a couple of ideas and I made a prototype of a product design. I’m excited about both of these projects, but they are long term.

Was this a crazy idea? I don’t have any short-term prospects. $500 seemed ridiculously small when I was cooking up my crazyawesomehellyeah projects for 2012 but now it seems a long way away.

Does it count to get head shots and start auditioning? That’s honestly my best idea for short-term payoff right now.

I knew this goal would be back-burnered while I focused on the boat, but I feel like it’s just sitting out there. Mocking me.

5. Adventures – Go on Adventures.

No adventures in February.

Tonight at dinner Grace told me we should have an adventure to Hanoi. She’s heard they have houseboats with sails called “junks”.

I can’t spring for the airfare right now, but I think they have houseboats and junk on Lake Cumberland. Maybe we’ll compromise there this summer.

February lacked some of January’s excitement.

That’s when people quit, right?
The excitement wears off and we start to see the real work that our plans require.
We ditch the gym, or the diet, or whatever.
Life happens and we lose our momentum.

Not. This. Year.

What are you working on?
Tell me in the comments.


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