You Don’t Deserve It

Instead of wallowing in my misery, I just made some changes.

-Stephanie Mills

I saw a bumper sticker on my way to work today:

“Our Police DESERVE Higher Pay”

Do they?

Let me interject that I know nothing about the economics of Police work. I don’t know what police are paid. I don’t know how hard it is to acquire the skills necessary to do the job. I don’t know how many people are competing for the available positions. I don’t know how dangerous it is. This isn’t about the Police.

I could have researched these facts, but that wouldn’t solve what bothered me about the sticker.

What bothered me was “DESERVE”.


Do any of us DESERVE anything?

How does DESERVING something affect your life?


A few years back I decided I was underpaid.

This was not an emotional decision, I relied entirely on cool-headed logic. Facts and incontrovertible evidence indicated that I DESERVED more money and that my massive contributions to the corporate bottom line were completely overlooked. An oversight of this nature proved my boss was either stupid or evil. Rarely have I been more self-righteously certain of myself.

I hated my job.
Work sucked.
Life wasn’t much better.

Then I noticed how bad everything was and I decided to make some changes.

I acknowledged that:
I already had more than enough money to be reasonably comfortable.
I already had as much security as most people can expect.
I already had a boss whose needs supported my family.
I already had everything necessary for a great life.

I had made a deal for employment and I could choose to continue faithfully serving that deal, or go make another one.

Today I enjoy my job.
Today work is fun.
Today life is much better.

Nothing changed but me.

Feeling slighted, like you are deprived of what you DESERVE, is no way to live.

Our Police can do better than that, and so can you.

What changes could you make if you let go of what you DESERVE?


2 Comments on “You Don’t Deserve It”

  1. Amanda Angert says:

    Well said! I rarely use the word “deserve” because it is too overused in today’s self entitled society.

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